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Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you found me! This is where I share what I get up to on my travels and love it when people travel along with me.


I’m Rich. A travel loving, Aston Villa supporting, beer drinking, food loving, bucket list checking backpacker exploring the world one country at a time.



In 2005 I moved to California for a year and lived in a house with people from 24 different countries. I’d enjoyed travelling before, but this opened my eyes to how much more I could be seeing! In that year I tried to see as much of California its neighbouring states as possible before returning home. I quickly began plotting my next getaway and the following year I moved to France for 12 months.


In the years since my infatuation with travel began, I’ve travelled through almost 50 countries and quite a few weird things have happened. I’ve slept across two single beds with two grown men above a belt shop in Thailand, watched my mate tear his cruciate ligament as we rode ostriches in South Africa, ridden a piece of plywood down the side of an active volcano in Nicaragua, blown up dynamite in Bolivia, capsized a boat on a Swedish lake at midnight and found a rogue chicken foot in my soup in Peru.


In June 2014 I quit my job, took most of my stuff to the local charity shop and flew to Rio. I’m now on the road and hope you’ll join me on my travels!


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