My new home: Byron Bay

Wind in my hair, sun on my back, the smell of salt and the sound of the waves crashing down on to the deserted beach. I’ve brought my speaker down to Tallow beach, to lay back, listen to some music and just take this all in for a minute. 


I’m in Australia. It’s just one of those places for me. I’m sure you’ve all got one place where you’ve always wanted to go, but for whatever reason you’ve not made it there yet. For me it has always been Australia and as I sit here on this white sandy beach in Byron Bay, I think I know why.



The idea of being in a new country again is of course amazing, but thinking about where in the world Australia is in relation to home feels pretty special!  My new home of Byron is not only the furthest east I’ve ever been, it’s also the furthest east that you can possibly go in the whole of Australia! Thinking about everything that sits west of here, I’m getting so excited to explore everything all the way to Perth!



Things here feel a little different. Things are simple in Byron. There are no traffic lights, no rushing around, no generic pop music, no Mcdonalds. Everything moves a little bit more slowly. Whether it is the longer haired hippy in his tie-died t-shirt standing on the street corner asking for help to “save the whales” or the friendly Englishman playing his bongo with a huge smile on his face singing “have a good day in Byron Bay” to everybody that passes by!



Byron Bay is a sleepy little beach town, famed for it’s surf and the hippies that still call it home. Although many tourists pass through every day, the town somehow keeps it’s chilled out, welcoming atmosphere. It’s going to be cool to live in a little place like this after spending a lot of time in big cities in the last 5 or 6 years!



Have you ever been to Byron Bay? Have you ever been to a town like this?


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