My Bucket List

I’ve been adding to and checking things off my bucket for a long time, so it’s about time I shared it with the world… My bucket list acts as a constant reminder that even though I’ve been lucky enough to travel to over 50 countries, I’ve hardly seen any of the world yet. It’s my way of challenging myself to get out there, explore, make new friends and see more!
I’m sure there are plenty of amazing things missing from my list, what would you add?
So, here it is…the bucket list!

– Climb Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

– See a Lion on safari in Africa

– See Petra (Jordan)

– Float in the dead sea (Jordan/Israel)

– Road Trip in Morocco

– Ride a camel in the Sahara

– Visit the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

– Go to the top of the world’s tallest building (UAE)

– Take a boat trip on Lake Malawi

– Climb Table Mountain – I climbed it just in time for sunset in 2012…CHECK!

– Ride an Ostrich – we all fell off within about 5 seconds and my mate tore his ACL…CHECK!

– Do nothing on Zanzibar’s Eastern beaches (Tanzania)

– Explore the national parks of Madagascar

– Stay on La Reunion and visit the volcano – I spent a week on Reunion island in 2008…CHECK!

– Visit a Masai village in Kenya

– Experience the great migration in the Serengeti

– Trek along the Great Wall (China)

– Drink vodka on the Trans-Siberian Railroad (Russia)

– Watch a sumo wrestling match (Japan)

– Pretend to be one of the Terracotta Warriors (China)

– Trek to Everest base camp in Tibet

– Visit Mu Cang Chai rice terraces (Vietnam)

– Party at Anjuna beach, Goa (India) – celebrated New Year’s Eve 2012 on the beach…CHECK!

– Visit the Taj Mahal (India)

– Overnight in a boat in Halong Bay (Vietnam)

– Drink a bucket in Thailand – these things are crazy…CHECK!

– Visit Angkor Wat and the killing fields (Cambodia)

– Take in the view on Koh Phi Phi (Thailand) – unbelievable view from up top…CHECK!

– Eat sushi in Japan (Japan)

– Yi Peng Lantern Festival – Chiang Mai (Thailand)

– Sleep in a ‘pod’ hotel (Japan)

– Eat a real curry in India (India) – we even learnt how to cook a curry in Cochin…CHECK!

– Visit the Tianzi Mountains (China)

– Ride an Elephant (Thailand) – three hungover lads, on a metal seat on an elephant is not comfortable…CHECK!

– Take in a sunset at Bagan (Myanmar)

– Attend the Monkey Buffet Festival (Thailand)

– Get messy at Holi (India)

– Relax in Boracay (Philippines)

– Drink Uzo at the Parthenon (Greece)

– Drive on an Autobahn (Germany) – I maxed out at 180kmh…CHECK!

– Spend a night in a haunted castle (Scotland)

– Visit Amsterdam (Holland) – I’ve been 3 times now…CHECK!

– Eat frogs’ legs in France – they tasted surprisingly good…CHECK!

– Drink Champagne in Champagne

– Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower – did this with my family during my 7 month stint in Paris…CHECK!

– Down a Stein at Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany)

– Have a snowball fight in Reykjavik (Iceland)

– Get chased by a bull (Pamplona, Spain)

– See Stonehenge (United Kingdom) – we drove there, saw it, drove home…CHECK!

– Visit the Hagia Sophia (Turkey) – very impressive, imposing church turned mosque…CHECK!

– Drink Schnapps in Sweden – whilst singing the Swedish drinking song Helan Går…CHECK!

– Walk along Hadrian’s Wall (UK)

– See the northern lights (Finland?)

– Drink Guiness in Dublin (Ireland) – checked off with some great mates…CHECK!

– Watch Aston Villa abroad – my mate lost the tickets just before the match, but we still got in…CHECK!

– Get tomatoe-d at La Tomatina in Bunol (Spain)

– Visit the Alhambra (Spain)

– Swim between two continents – Pingvallavatn lake (Iceland)

– Drink whisky on the rocks in Iceberg Alley (Canada)

– Put $50 on black in Vegas! (USA)

– Go to the top of the Empire State Building – amazing way to celebrate my 21st…CHECK!

– Coast to Coast of the USA in a campervan

– Surf in Hawaii (USA)

– Ride in a helicopter (New York) – what a view of Manhattan…CHECK!

– Go to Burning Man (USA)

– Camp in Yosemite – I did this twice during my year in Cali, absolutely amazing place…CHECK!

– Visit Alaska in the summer (USA)

– Go camping in Montana (USA)

– Check out the music scene in New Orleans (USA)

– Take a trip on a houseboat on Lake Powell, Utah (USA)

– Drive on Route 66 (USA)

– Ride the maid of the mist at Niagara (USA)

– Visit the home of Country Music – Nashville (USA)

– Drive along the Florida Keys – epic road trip from Miami all the way down to Key West…CHECK!

– Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

– Climb Ayer’s Rock (Australia)

– Visit Easter Island (Polynesia)

– Fiji Island hop

– Travel the Gold Coast in a campervan (Australia)

– Ski in New Zealand

– Surf in Byron Bay (Australia)

– Drive around Fraser island (Australia)

– Check out Stradbroke Island (Australia)

– Chillout on Whitehaven beach, Whitsundays (Australia)

– Have a tribal experience in the bush (Australia)

– Glacier hike in New Zealand

– Hike the Blue Mountains (Australia)

– Visit the mudmen village (Papua New Guinea)

– Explore the ruins at Tikal (Guatemala)

– Sleep a night in a hammock on the Amazon (Brazil)

– Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (Peru) – we ran the last few km’s to give us 10 minutes alone at the sun gate…CHECK!

– Eat an Argentinian steak in Buenos Aires (Argentina) – I went to the same restaurant 4 times, unbelievable…CHECK!

– Party all night at Carnival! (Brazil)

– Go to the Maracana for a Rio Derby – the ultimate derby: FLA-FLU. Flamengoooo….CHECK!

– Visit Christ Redeemer in Rio (Brazil) – and took mandatory stupid photo imitating the statue…CHECK!

– Watch River Plate vs Boca Juniors (Argentina)

– Try out the Casa del Arbol swing in Ecuador

– See Chichen Itca (Mexico) – me and my dad made the sweaty journey, definitely worth it…CHECK!

– Zipline through the jungle (Costa Rica) – my favourite was “the superman”…CHECK!

– Roadtrip across the salt flats of Bolivia (Bolivia) – we even stayed in a salt hotel…CHECK!

– Experience Iguazu Falls (Argentina) – the walk out to the edge bombards all the senses…CHECK!

– Sandboard in Huacachina (Peru) – dune buggy up, sandboard back down, awesome…CHECK!

– Trek to Ciudad Perdida (Colombia) – 4 day hike in the muddiest of muddy jungles…CHECK!

– Travel through Central America – all the way from Panama up to Belize…CHECK!

– Go to the end of the world in Ushuaia (Argentina)

– Ski in South America (Argentina/Chile)

– Drink coffee in Colombia (Colombia) – I take my hat off to the Bogota Barista that made our coffees…CHECK!

– Take a mud bath (Colombia) – massage in the mud volcano, followed by an involuntary wash down by an old Colombian lady…CHECK!

– Go Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua – ate a lot of volcanic rock speeding down the Cerro Negro…CHECK!


– Never allow # of countries visited fall below # of years old!

– Visit every country in the EU

– Travel to a different country every month for a year – all whilst having a full time job…CHECK!

– Visit every continent

– Learn Spanish

– Learn to scuba dive

– Go skydiving

– Go bungee jumping

– Set up a website – you’re on it…CHECK!

– Sleep under the stars

– Take photography lessons – I’ve done this a few times now, love it…CHECK!

– Swim with dolphins – amazing experience in Mexico…CHECK!

– Do a triathlon

– Go to a World Cup – Brazil 2014 was absolutely unbelievable…CHECK!

– Try dogsledding – was pulled by huskies in Sweden…CHECK!

– Watch England and Villa at Wembley – the highlight being Villa’s 3-0 Cup win in 1996…CHECK!

– Work as a volunteer

– BBQ a fish I’ve caught on a beach

– Ice kayaking in the Antarctic
So that’s it, the bucket list! What’s missing? Have you already done any of things I’ve got on my list?

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  2 comments for “My Bucket List

  1. Palash
    August 31, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Wow….” never # of countries visited fall below # of years old” ..great challenge. Its really rich and nice list Richyfoot!
    How about driving/riding through the Himalayan ranges..

  2. Mum
    August 31, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    What a List!! Sounds fantastic, but could you give the one about “Being chased by a Bull in Pamplona, Spain” a miss please!! We would like to see you again! Love Mum XX

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