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My 2014 rocked!

2014 saw a lot of change for me. A lot of travels. A lot of friends – old and new! A lot of new experiences. New countries. New challenges. New bucket list checks… I left my job in England, set up Richy Feet, took my country tally to 53 by visiting 19 countries (some new, and some I’d loved enough… Read more →

Exploring Tazumal and Santa Ana

I love El Salvador.   Not knowing anything at all about the country before arriving, the friendliness that we encountered really was a big, fantastic surprise. Everybody that I encountered was so happy, especially in Santa Ana. From the security guards smiling as they clutched their shotguns, to the ice cream man beaming as he asked me “where you from?… Read more →

Rafting the Pacuare River – Costa Rica [VIDEO]

06.15 – I’m on the bus. 08.45 – I’m stuffing my face with eggs, rice, beans and sausages. 10.00 – we’re on the river.   The Rio Pacuare in Costa Rica is a world renowned river for rafting. It’s regularly ranked in the top 5 rivers worldwide for it’s rapids. In other words, it’s awesome. Our paddle downriver ensured we… Read more →

The Art of Futebol

I’m in Brazil, and you might have heard that there is some kind of World Cup going on here. I love football, and there are few countries with a greater passion for the beautiful game than those in South America, especially Brazil. Almost anywhere else around the world, the opening game of the World Cup falling on Valentines day (12th June in Brazil) would… Read more →