Author: RichyFeet

I love travelling, so I travel. Whenever I possibly can. That used to mean European weekenders but now I've left London and am off to see more and more of this big world!

That time I nearly died on a volcano

The day started with a delicious breakfast in the sun on the hostel roof, admiring the blue skies overhead. There was no sign of any impending thunderstorms or threats on my life; just a delicious omelette, fresh orange juice and the blazing sun. All that would soon change.   Today we were climbing Acatenango, a huge, active volcano nearly 4,000… Read more →

Exploring Tazumal and Santa Ana

I love El Salvador.   Not knowing anything at all about the country before arriving, the friendliness that we encountered really was a big, fantastic surprise. Everybody that I encountered was so happy, especially in Santa Ana. From the security guards smiling as they clutched their shotguns, to the ice cream man beaming as he asked me “where you from?… Read more →