Author: RichyFeet

I love travelling, so I travel. Whenever I possibly can. That used to mean European weekenders but now I've left London and am off to see more and more of this big world!

Exploring Moreton Island

There are many things that are firmly etched on to the East Coast backpacker trail, many with good reason. Curiously, Moreton Island is not one of those places but with Sandboarding, Shipwrecks, wild dolphins and beautiful beaches for all to visit, I wonder whether more tourists should make the trip.     I caught the 7am ferry from Brisbane to… Read more →

My 2014 rocked!

2014 saw a lot of change for me. A lot of travels. A lot of friends – old and new! A lot of new experiences. New countries. New challenges. New bucket list checks… I left my job in England, set up Richy Feet, took my country tally to 53 by visiting 19 countries (some new, and some I’d loved enough… Read more →

The Legend of Mr Hugo

Sometimes when travelling you hear about amazing things. It could be a conversation that you overhear, somebody telling you where they’ve just come from or a passionate stranger excitedly telling you “you HAVE to go there”.   Mr Hugo fell in to the latter category and the South American gringo trail was awash with his adoring fans.    From almost… Read more →

I ate snake in Taipei!

There are countless night markets to explore in Taipei, and it can be tough to decide on which one to go to. The markets are famous for the food that they offer, with dishes ranging from delicious to plain bizarre. On my second night in town, we stumbled upon Huaxi Street Night Market, and more specifically Snake Alley.   I’d… Read more →

Candlelit Caving and Bridge Jumping at Semuc Champey

Finally arriving in Lanquin, Semuc Champey’s slightly less beautiful neighbour, felt like uncovering the holy grail or discovering hidden treasure. Almost everybody that we had met on the road had told us about Semuc Champey. It was the highlight of our trip. The most beautiful place we’ve ever been to. AMAZING! With a journey through the picturesque countryside, candlelit caving,… Read more →